BLOG: 5 Ways to Get Hyped For Your First Baby Show

By: Brenda Brighton

If you are attending the local baby show with your own baby then be prepared in advance. You will be in for quite the treat so you will need to be creative in your way to survive and have fun.

Baby shows are sublime exhibits to learn about the latest tips and tricks of caring for your child, the newest products on the market that can ease the strain and the numerous services that can enhance the well-being of your baby. These are events that the whole family should visit.

Of course, with the large number of attendees, the dehydration, the long walks and the overindulgence are all things that you must be prepared for before you enter the venue.

As soon as you come up with some remedies to these hurdles you'll be glad you went.

Here are five ways you and your baby can survive baby shows:

Plenty of Healthy Snacks & Water

After just half an hour, you will feel thirsty. Rather than paying $5 for a bottle water, you should bring your own water bottle with you. This bottle should last you your entire visit. Whenever you are craving water, you should consume the beverage in order to limit your dehydration.

Moreover, you will likely feel hungry throughout your entire stay. Therefore, you should equip yourself with an array of healthy snacks, such as nuts, vegetables, cheerios and other foods. If possible – and we know this is difficult – refrain from imbibing things like chocolate bars.

By doing this, you can survive and thrive the baby shows with nutritious food. Check out Alberta Health Services for a list of healthy snack ideas.

Time Your Arrival Perfectly

If you want to beat the rush – both traffic and baby show – then it is best to go first thing in the morning. Arriving early will help you avoid stress, pressure and the frantic state of the public.

Eat a nutritious breakfast, pack up the necessary items and take your time getting to the show.

Know What to Wear

What you wear is just as important as what you put in your mouth as you enjoy the baby show.

In order to maximize your visit, you need to know what to wear. Here are a few tips:

  • Wear layers because changes in your hormone levels from pregnancy or postpartum will leave you feeling fluctuations in your temperatures; one moment your hot, the next moment your cold.
  • You need to sport comfortable shoes because you will be walking all day. Rater than wearing heels just sport a comfortable pair of flats or running shoes.
  • Don't overdress because you will want to be comfortable.

If you are sporting the right clothes and shoes then you will have a great time overall.

Be Ready to Breastfeed in Public

For whatever reason, this has been a controversial topic as of late: breastfeeding in public.

Although it is the most natural thing in the world, and the healthiest, too, some people feel uncomfortable by it. However, since you'll be spending several hours at the baby show with your baby, you should be prepared to breastfeed in public. Never, ever feel uncomfortable by it!

Here are a couple of suggestions to circumvent any discomfort you may experience:

  • Use a wrap or a sling to ensure the baby can be fed.
  • An open-access bra makes the entire ordeal clandestine.
  • Pick a spot at the baby show to have some privacy.
  • Smile and be happy; you've chosen the healthy option to nourish your child.

Breastfeeding is always better than the formula. Just because some people may not like, it doesn't mean you should immediately cease and turn to the bottle. It's natural so embrace breastfeeding.

Encourage a Friend or Family Member to Come

Lastly, if you want to enhance the experience, then be sure to bring a friend and/or a family member. They will give you some assistance, they will be a companion and, if they don't have a child of their own, they may want to get in on the fun and rewarding experience of having a baby.

Next to animals, babies are the most wonderful thing in the world. And baby shows provide superb opportunities to learn about how to care for children, what products you can use to ensure they grow up healthy and what else you can do to make it a happy time for the entire family.

The baby show in your city is exhilarating, but you just have to be armed and ready. To learn about the different features and exhibits, check out The Babytime Show for more information.

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