How To Hire An HVAC Contractor For Your Condo


The heating and cooling system of a condo is complex. Each condo unit has an in-suite heat-pump, providing both heating and cooling, and each of these pumps is connected to the other pumps in the condo, as well as to the main system.

If you are the property manager of a condo, or the owner of a condo unit who feels concerned about preventative maintenance, here is how you can hire a qualified HVAC contractor to service your heating and cooling system.

1. You need a full service HVAC contractor

While searching for a HVAC contractor, make sure you will choose one that can design, install, repair and maintain the type of HVAC system you have in your condo. Maybe you only need preventative maintenance for now, but you never know what your needs might be in the near future.

Full service contractors will meet all your needs, and should be able to always offer you the latest systems and the best services in the industry.

2. Ask for referrals

Ask your neighbors, friends or family if they have a good HVAC contractor to refer you to. If they do, ask them for more information. Did the contractor respond to their emergencies quickly? Did they perform the job right on the first time?

Once you have at least a few recommendations of contractors that are established in, or can work in your area, go online to learn more about each of them before you think about getting in touch with them.

3. Make sure they are qualified to work in a condo

One of the first things you should verify is the experience of each HVAC contractor in repairing and maintaining the HVAC system of a condo. Servicing a condo is more complex than servicing a house, as each condo unit has an heat-pump that depends on the main system.

You should look for a qualified, licensed and insured HVAC contractor that will inspect, manage and service the entire heating and cooling system of your condo so it will perform the way it is meant to.

4. Check for positive or negative reviews

When you have found at least two HVAC contractors that specialize in servicing condos, look out for any reviews from satisfied or unsatisfied customers. If you see nothing but great comments, you probably have nothing to worry about.

If you find negative reviews or even complaints about a particular HVAC contractor, you should avoid trusting them with the heating and cooling system of your condo. You don’t want to be taking any risk, or to have to search for a better contractor in a month or two.

5. Request an estimate

When you think you have found a reliable HVAC contractor to service your HVAC system, call them to request an estimate for their services. If they give you an estimate without even visiting you to inspect your system, you should feel concerned.

A good contractor will want to carefully inspect your HVAC system before they can provide you with a detailed, written estimate for their services. You should never schedule an appointment for repairs with a contractor that has not inspected your system.

6. Choose the best contractor

After you have received at least two estimates from different contractors, compare them to choose your best option. Choosing the contractor with the lowest estimate is not necessarily a good idea.

You need a contractor with many years of experience, and the qualifications and knowledge necessary to take care of the heating and cooling system of your condo and to ensure your complete satisfaction with their services.

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